Thursday, 7 June 2007

Issue 15 - 100 kms

17 September 2005

This weekend was the annual charity bike ride for the benefit of Mulitple Sclerosis. For the benefit of my sponsors who helped me raise almost $1,000, here are some photos to prove I did actually cycle the entire 64 miles (103.7 kms). What you cannot see are the soul-destroying hills in Pallisades Park, or the 40-knot wind which sandblasted me with grit both times I had to ride down the West Side.

Photos attached:

Mile 17, just after the first rest stop at the top of Manhattan. I look relatively fresh here!

Mile 28, coming out of the Lincoln Tunnel in Hoboken (New Jersey). I am sure the ride through this tunnel was faster than any time I have done it in a car!

Mile 35 - Pallisades Park in New Jersey. It was very beautiful, but the hills were starting to sap my enthusiasm by this stage.

Mile 53 - Manhattan from the George Washington Bridge (which joins Manhattan at 176th Street). A mere 10 or so miles to go - down to 12 blocks past that tall building waaay off in the distance!

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