Thursday, 7 June 2007

Issue 18 - Blizzard

12 February, 2006 - The Blizzard of 2006.

Maiden Lane - the beginning of our walk downtown. This street is normally buzzing with taxis and trucks.

Wall Street, outside the Federal National Hall (opposite the NYSE). This is one of the most well-defended sites in the US, which means there has to be an armed police presence at all times. Even when the only real threat would be from a crack squad of attack penguins....

I almost feel sorry for these guys - huddled inside a squad car all night, with the engine running to keep the heater on.

The NYSE on Wall Street.

Can you see any attack penguins? Me neither - the police presence makes me feel safer already.

An Angel on Wall St (no, not a penguin. Penguins wear black ski jackets. Really, I would have thought that was obvious).

Kim makes a snow angel in the deep snow where the police usually stand with their assault rifles. It was cold and wet, but it had to be done.

Trinity Church on the corner of Wall St and Broadway. The green dome is the entry to the 4/5 subway line. All of the weekend line work was cancelled this weekend because of the weather forecast, so (ironically), the subway ran more trains and was more reliable during the storm than it would otherwise have been.

Looking North up Broadway from the Trinity Church. I am sure the open-top tour busses which normally fill this stretch of Broadway will be running shortly (and they will still be full).

Bikes on Broadway - funny, there never seem to be any bikes left out on the street when it is NOT snowing.

El Toro at Bowling Green (the bottom of Broadway).

Bowling Green, looking North back up Broadway. Usually the sole preserve of drunks and the homeless at this time ona Sunday morning, Kim and I had the place to ourselves.

Bowling Green station. The fellow with the shovel was fighting a losing battle here, with 3-4 inches of snow falling each hour, the snow kept drifting down in to his station now matter how often he shoveled it out.

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