Thursday, 7 June 2007

Issue 5 - The Roof

Sorry - it's still month-end. Here are a few photos of the sunset from the almost finished roof terrace of our building in the meantime (

I couldn't help myself though, I've appended some (i.e. too many hours of) subjective commentary (and my sleep suffers for it).

But first I have to ask, "do you know any accountants?" I still have one position open in my team, and I would have so much more time to actually write my blog if I filled this position so I had someone to do all my work for me. Any Muppet considered, Animal on the drums included. Knowledge of spreadsheets essential, ability to count to ten useful, but not essential. Advantages - ummmmmm, apply for details. Disadvantages - can't be many. You have to work for me for one. And I'm softer than a tiger with a Vegas animal trainer in my mouth. Purrrr.

For Burgerian family members your patience will be rewarded, a certified photo of a Daverix Rilerius (previously feared extinct, or at least impossible to find) lurks below....

Looking uptown.

The ESB (known as the Big B*stard to itinerant Kiwis - The Big B to you) lurks to the left of this shot. The Supreme and Circuit courts are in the foreground.

Fans of the TV show, "Law & Order" will be pleased to know the homicide detectives are in the "Police Plaza" complex one block away. It must have seemed so easy to make show out of it. Mothers of sons and daughters residing in New York should however always remember that "Law and Order" is fiction - homicide detectives probably do wear cheap suits and have at least one wise-crack an hour - but it actually feels more dangerous walking around Cathedral Square in Christchurch after closing time than it does walking around Harlem after dark.

I managed (deliberately of course?) to focus this shot on the previously down, but now up-and-coming district of the East Village - where one can see the Daverix Rilerius in action on bass with his band (blatant plug, but get over it - I'll bet you wish you had a cool cousin in a band that plays regularly in New York). A link to the online shop where you can purchase the album will be uploaded once the Daverix gives it to me....

The Manhattan bridge shines behind the architecturally unacclaimed Human Resources department of the City of New York on the right. If you enjoy spotting landmarks in web photos, you will of course have already seen the pillars of the Brooklyn Bridge in front of the Manhattan Bridge anyway....

Ha! Made you look for it, even if you didn't see it! When the wind direct from Greenland subsides enough to make a safe attempt (i.e. in late August), we will bring you some photos from the walkway of the Brooklyn Bridge. Until then, the BB (not The Big B) remains the sole preserve of those who can afford the Taxi ride to La Guardia airport and genetically modified seagulls.

Arty stuff - reflection in 80 Wall St. Fans of alcoholic beverages will recognise with uncanny clarity the blurred image of the Big B to the right....

A tale of two rivers (or, to those living in Auckland - the perfectly normal conclusion which follows from living on a very skinny piece of land):

On the left - (not funny this one) a Hudson River view courtesy of Al Qaeda. The WTC site is the other side of the (black) Brown Brothers Harriman building in the centre of the shot. No-one has any sense of humour about this, least of all me. Not funny, not cool. Big hole in the ground, big hole in the heart of New Yorkers. I'll write a page on this once I've been here long enough to get anyone to talk about it.

On the right - my office is the white one, nestling up to the raw sewage of the East River. I have a beautiful internal cubicle on the third floor, offering me an outstanding view of........ other cubicles (but fortunately not the foreshore of the East River). I'd take photos of the office, but as we all know, web blogs are a great way of finding an excuse to fire mouthy middle managers.

It takes 90 seconds to walk the street distance from 2 Gold to 88 Pine, and 120 seconds including lift journeys from the Nespresso machine in our kitchen to the Nespresso machine at work. A wait at the traffic lights at Maiden Lane and Water St can suck up a vital additional 60 seconds.....

And for those who wait - the only photo from Boston last weekend which did not involve hurricane force winds and horizontal sleet:

A Daverix Rilerius in its natural habitat - Foley's Bar in Downtown Boston. Don't underestimate it though..... it still knows how to execute a Fool's Mate if ever you drop your guard! AND, it still rails against the improper use, of, commas, in, place, of (parentheses).

Now, us Kiwi's know nothing about sounding like we care about the language, but we sure know how to get upset about it!

(yes I know, improper use of an apostrophe in Kiwi's - just making a point. I wouldn't mention it, but there are too many teachers (especially Mr Pipe and Mr Loretz, formerly from Avondale College, and Ms Barwick, not allowed to work in the US, but still bloody qualified to teach bloody English) who read these pages!)

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